About us

Comprehealth is a digital healthcare platform, focused on providing personalised healthcare in collaboration with reputed healthcare organisation in India. We help to strengthen and future-proof the health systems across the whole patient journey, ensuring everyone has equitable and affordable access to the life-changing healthcare solutions they need, regardless of where they live.  

We are working with healthcare organisations, technology companies and pharmaceutical companies to make your healthcare journey as comfortable as possible by hand holding in every stage of your healthcare needs. We have a shared goal of creating a culture of following the best healthcare pathways in the world. Our team will provide quick and accurate services, while always keeping quality and affordability in mind. 

Why Us

  • Collaboration with well reputed hospitals.
  • Standardized quality medical care digitally.
  • Evidence based personalised healthcare.
  • Following the best healthcare pathways. 
  • Affordable and equitable healthcare close to patient's home