Second Medical Opinion-India

A Second Medical  Opinion is the practice of getting an expert opinion on a diagnosis or recommended treatment. A doctor who offers a Second Opinion Service gets the results of tests already done and opinions written by other doctors for analysis. On the basis of these medical data, the diagnosis made, or the advisability of therapy is confirmed or disproved.

Second opinions can offer valuable information and should always be considered after a diagnosis of serious illness or a recommendation for surgery by a doctor. These decisions can have major consequences on your health in future. It is very important to opt for a second opinion as it will help you in getting an accurate diagnosis and the best treatment options. Doctor’s opinion is very important to get exact information’s about your diagnosis and treatment.

Comprehealth have partnered with some of the senior doctors from the best hospitals in India to provide you with a second opinion. We have a dedicated relationship management team that are here to support you through the second opinion process. For more information about the  second medical opinion Services, please contact

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